About Thierry

Thank you for taking the time to read these few lines. My passion for photography dates from my childhood, and like Obelix who had fallen into the pot of magic potion, I found myself immersed since my childhood in darkrooms and photo labs.

Basically 3 steps brought me to here and now:
– My childhood between my grandparents working for a photographer and teaching me to master the light and the different stages of development and printing.
– The era of disillusionment: I wanted to become a photographer and I was discouraged by family and friends, telling me that I could never live on my passion… And I found myself a computer scientist …
– The advent of digital photography which allowed me to get back to photographing and working on my photos as in the days of film, but for much less money!
So here I am, after fifteen years of photography, and several tens of thousands of photos later.
National awards in Belgium, publications in books devoted to panoramic photography (Panobook), and numerous awards for my work in different photographic challenges.
The time has come for me to share my works with people who appreciate the great outdoors, but also more intimate works such as portraits for example.
This is an experience for me, I hope you will enjoy my work and I would be happy to respond to any comments.
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